Some of nice things that folks have said about us…


“We have an amazing daughter who deserves every great resource and Matrix connects us to those.”

“My son loves school now and looks forward to going every day. Thank you Matrix.”

“When we have questions about behavior problems or when something is happening at school, they (Matrix) give us the information we need.”

“I believe in the community and the support that Matrix provides.” -Amy F., parent

“Matrix is so important not only to parents of children with special needs but our community as well. I have personally seen the difference it has made in their lives.”  -Mary Jane Burke, Marin County Superintendent of Schools

“I am so thankful for the wonderful work they have done to support the families/individuals with challenges they face in everyday life.” -Joan Capurro, former Director of Community Relations, Bank of Marin

“The help they provided in getting access to appropriate resources for our learning different daughter immeasurably improved her life skills, and the support for our family during the process is something we will never forget.” -Norm Bryan, former Matrix Board President

“The organization made a difference for my sister and her son with special needs.”

“Matrix was the only resource I found that was of help with my issues surrounding my child and is an amazing resource to our community.”

“Hopefully you will be there with me as my kids continue through school. Since I have had your help, I am no longer afraid of going into an IEP...God bless.”

“Our Parent Advisor was a life saver to me and my family. Thank you for the Matrix organization.”

“Matrix is GREAT! I recommend Matrix to other parents all the time, too. Thank you for being there!!”

“I believe Matrix is an integral part of the special Ed process. I often refer the families of special Ed kids with whom I work to Matrix when my school system cannot or will not provide needed services. I also refer just so parents can get info and emotional support. Matrix provides an invaluable service, and my own family is better because it exists."

“Matrix has helped me every step of the way with my son's needs. Transition trainings are the most important along with support groups.”

"Matrix gave me insight, clarity, courage and support to embark on the journey of advocacy for my son."

"Invaluable help with 'the system.'  When my son was in middle school assistance with what was being done "to him" and helping us find resources to deal with the school's disciplinary process." -Nancy B.

"Matrix workers and programs have been great help in the past...support emotionally, prepping for IEPs and speakers luncheons for personal growth...thank you so very much."

"Matrix has helped guide parents through the process of IEP's. As advocates and informational sources, Matrix helps parents learn about the opportunities available for their child. They also help the parent present these ideas during the IEP process as an interested third party."  -Lynne Young

"I've used Matrix services for 7 years. I am impressed by the dedication and knowledge of the parent advisors, yet have also learned much from my support group. Matrix provides services essential to our disabled kids."

"Just knowing that you are there when I need to talk is great. Thanks for all you do!"

"Matrix is terrific, it saved me so much frustration and really helped me get the best resources for my kids!"

"Thanks to Matrix, my kids now have services. Thank you Matrix for your support and for my Parent Advisor for all your effort and knowledge that you shared with me."

"Matrix has helped our family to fill the gap from "here's your diagnosis" to "now what do we do". At the support group, we've met other parents who've shared "be aware of this" issues and "this worked for us" solutions. It's been a special haven to sit with other parents who "get it".  -Gabrielle M.