Calling All Superheroes! Matrix Needs Your Help!


Help Calling all SuperheroesWhat super power would you like to have? Most folks would choose being invisible or being able to fly.


Cue the Superhero Music!

You already have a super power you may not even know about!

When you donate to Matrix, you are changing lives — the lives of families and children in our communities.

THAT is a super power that has a big impact.

By donating to Matrix, you create hope for families and their kids with special needs, who struggle daily to “fit in”:

man boy with cape


Hope that all will see the gifts each child brings


Hope for a better future for each child


Hope for the parents who often feel overwhelmed, frightened and alone, but then find community, information, and support through Matrix

Your super power — donating to Matrix — means that together we can bring families the resources and tools to transform tough situations into life-changing stories of hope and success. DONATE today and be our Matrix SUPERHERO!