Matrix June 2017 Express
It is a privilege for our Matrix Parent Advisors to work with dads. Wisdom from Dads. Quotes from Dads to Dads. Upcoming Matrix Trainings, Workshops, and Events. Make an Impact! Click here to download the June Express... More
Matrix Spring Networker. Parent Services: Article and resources on managing behavior. Early Years: Article and links with practical tips. Make an Impact. Upcoming Matrix Trainings, Workshops and Events. Click here to view or download. Haga clic aquí para ver o descargar.... More
Matrix February Express, 2017 We could all use a little more love in our lives in these uncertain times. Valentines Day Challenges Love, Love, Love in the Early Years Upcoming Matrix Trainings, Workshops and Events Make an Impact!  ... More
Be the example for your child, and focus on managing your stress this holiday season. All is Calm. All is Bright.  Really? The Early Years: Holiday Coping Strategies Upcoming Matrix Trainings, Workshops and Events Make an Impact!... More
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