Nora Thompson, Executive Director

Parent Service Staff - What is the role of a Parent Advisor? 

Alyssa DiFilippo — Director of Parent Services
Sandi Strang — Director of Education
Ana Acosta, Parent Advisor — Bilingual
Erin Grucz, Parent Advisor
Margaret Johnston, Parent Advisor
Juana Madriz, Parent Advisor — Bilingual
Stephanie Ryan, Parent Advisor
Mike Toby, Parent Advisor

Development & Outreach

Kristie Anderson, Development Director
Angela Dowd, Communications Coordinator
Brianna Iverson, Development Assistant

Christmas 2015

Administrative Staff

Lee Cox, Chief Financial Officer
Jennifer Mates, Bookkeeper, Payroll/Human Resources Administrator
Coleman McDonough, Data Specialist
Gloria Ochoa, Information and Resource Manager
Virginia Thibeaux, Office Manager — Media Publications

Region 6 Parent Technical Assistance Center Staff

Deborah Daniels-Smith, TA Coordinator
Tony Darren, TA Coordinator
Virginia Thibeaux, TA Assistant

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