Our Parent Advisors are parents of children with special needs who provide mentoring and support so parents can build their advocacy skills. We guide parents through decision-making and respect the values and choices families make. We do not recommend or endorse any treatment, philosophy, or program; nor do we give legal advice, lobby or campaign. We encourage parents to obtain information from a variety of sources before considering any course of action.


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In-depth Consultation

If the issue a parent is facing is more complex than can be handled on the Helpline, a Parent Advisor who is assigned to the county in which the parent resides can provide direct mentoring.

Are you a Professional who assists families with kids with special needs?

Refer a family to us! Have the parent call the Helpline or complete and sign the Matrix Referral Form  with parent signature and email to or fax to 415-884-3555. Some professionals call us when the parent is with them to get started!

Call us for advice related to serving families of children with special needs.   We also provide input through serving on inter-agency collaborations to improve services for children and families.

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