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Check out Workshops and Live Stream Events from PACER Center.

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PACER’s offerings include:

  • Tech for Teens Club : Building WebsitesLunch and Learn : Incorporating Movement to Support Focus in Young Learners
  • Lighting the Way to Family Resilience : Shining a Light on Family Resilience
  • Ways to Help Your Teen Stay Organized
  • Tech for Girls Club : Mad Scientist: Chemistry Experiments
  • Lighting the Way to Family Resilience : Lighting the Way Through the Dark
  • Tech for Teens Club : LEGO Stop-Motion Videos
  • Educating your Child with Mental Health Needs: Special Education
  • Lunch and Learn : Apps to Develop Social-Emotional Skills in Young Children
  • How Parents Can Effectively Communicate with the IEP Team
  • Lighting the Way to Family Resilience : Carrying the Light in the Darkest Season
  • Tech for Girls Club : Code a Ping Pong Game
  • Housing: Starting the Journey : How do we start? (Step 1)
  • Google Chrome for Students : Part 1: Tools to Support Reading