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It’s Autism acceptance month.

Visit CAPTAIN (California Autism Professional Training and Information Network).

CAPTAIN was developed to support the understanding and use of Evidence Based Practices for individuals affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder across the state.

Click here to visit CAPTAIN’s Publication page.

CAPTAIN is dedicated to the following:

  • Providing statewide access to trainings and resources in Evidence Based Practices (EBPs) that are culturally sensitive, family centered, cost effective, and competency based.
  • Establishing supports that are locally based with trainer of trainers at the local level.
  • Emphasizing how to use EBPs to assist students in accessing the California Common Core State Standards and developing College and Career Readiness.
  • Providing ongoing training, support, and technical assistance to implement EBPs and ensure fidelity of implementation.
  • Supporting the development of local multiagency collaborations to support consistent use of EBPs.
  • Providing an annual training summit and a forum for collegial communication and support to CAPTAIN Cadre members.
  • Providing web based access to materials and resources that are vetted and align with current EBPs.
  • Providing information and outreach to other interested stakeholders and provider groups who could benefit from learning more about EBPs (E.g. Professional Organizations, Higher Education, Self Advocates, Allied Health Providers)