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Our Library

Abe Copperman Memorial Library

In 2000, our library was dedicated to Abe Copperman, a Founding Matrix Board Member and Champion of Social Justice. Abe was the husband of founding mother Joan Kilburn. His personal motto was “From each according to ability, to each according to need.” (Karl Marx) Abe contributed greatly to the early success of Matrix and it is for this reason that we honor his legacy.

Hours of Operation

The Abe Copperman Memorial Library is where all of our Novato trainings are held. It is located in our office, at 94 Galli Drive, Suite C, Novato, and is generally open during regular business hours, 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday. However, please call ahead, as access is limited to times when it is not otherwise reserved for trainings or meetings.

Materials focus on special needs topics, child development, and parenting. It includes a selection of books, journals, and audio-visual materials. We also have books for children and teens as well as a Spanish language section. Most items are available for checkout with a deposit.We welcome donations of materials!

Check it out!

The following is a list of books you may find interesting..

910 PAL – Wonder, by R.J. Palacio

970.1 PAC – Beyond Sticks & Stones, by PACER Center

380 WEB – Waiting for Superman, by Karl Weber

520 ELL C.3 – BUZZ A Year of Paying Attention, by Katherine Ellison

900 MOS – Where’s My Stuff? by Samantha Moss

350 BUR – Vocabulary Cartoons, by  San, Max, and Bryan Burchers

350 BUR – Vocabulary Cartoons II, by San, Max and Bryan Burchers

220 BUD – Living with the Active Alert Child, by Linda S. Budd, Ph.D.

516 CAH – Brain on Fire, by Susannah Cahalan

220 MAC – Setting Limits with You Strong-Willed Child, by Robert J. Mackenzie ED.D

910 MEL – Executive Function in Education, by Lynn Meltzer

350 WOO – S.O.A. R Study Skills, by Susan Woodcock Kruger, M.Ed.

Reference Binders

518 BAK- REF. – Understanding  Occupational Therapy in the School Setting

970.1 PAC REF. Beyond Sticks & Stones, by PACER Center

350 SCH REF. C.1 – Common Core and the Special Education, by Mary Schilling and Becky Wetzel

Reference Books

350 SCH REF. C.2 – Common Core and the Special Education Student, by Mary Schillinger and Becky Wetzel

Library Categories & Call Numbers

100       Early Years Child Development and Parenting
110       Early Intervention
120       Infant
130       Toddler/Preschool

200       Parenting/Families & Older Years Child Development
210       Adoption
220       Parenting Challenges
230       Child Care
240       Foster Care/Kin Care
250       Grief/Loss/Death
270       Parent Collaboration/Parent Partnership
290       Families of Special Needs

300       Education
305       Assessment & Evaluation
306       Rehabilitation Act/Section 504
310       Special Education/IDEA/IEP
315       Behavior Intervention Plans
319       Conflict Resolution and Advocacy
320       Inclusion
325       Response to Intervention (RTI)
350       Teaching and Instruction
380       School Reform

400       Transition to Adulthood
401       Individual Program Plan
420       Career/Vocation
430       Independent Living/Adult Life

500       Special Needs   
510       Developmental Disabilities
511       Visually Impaired/Blind
512       Hearing Impaired/Deaf
513       Speech & Language/Communication Disorders
514       Cerebral Palsy
515       Epilepsy & Seizure Disorder
516       Emotional/Mental Illness
517       Down Syndrome
518       Autism Spectrum
519       Learning Disabilities
519.1   Nonverbal Learning Disabilities (NLD)
520       Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder (AD/HD)
521       Tourette’s Syndrome
522       Traumatic/Acquired Brain Disorder
530       Rare Disorders
540       Sensory Sensitivity/Integration

600       Medical/Health
610       Physical Disabilities
620       Chronic Illness/Long Term Care
625       Hospitalization
630       Drug & Alcohol
640       Health Insurance & Managed Care

700       Estate and Financial Planning

800       Legal
810       Federal Disability Law
820       Lanterman Act

900       Life Skills
910       Disability Awareness
920       Access and Assistive Technology
940       Substance Abuse
950       Safety Skills
970       Social Skills
970.1   Bullying
980       Love/Sexuality