Transition to Adulthood Resource Guide

Grade 7 and After: Course of Study


View or download these linked PDF forms from the California State SELPA (Special Education Local Plan Area):

  • IEP (Individual Education Plan)
    Link (PDF)
  • “Offer of FAPE (Free Appropriate Public Education) – Educational Setting”
    Link (PDF)

On the FAPE form, go to the last section at the bottom of the page where it says:

Graduation Plan (Grade 7 or higher)
Projected graduation date and/or secondary completion date ___________

▢  To participate in a curriculum leading to a Diploma

▢ To participate in a curriculum leading to a Certificate of Completion

This is included so the IEP team can plan appropriately for the student’s course of study. If the student is on the diploma track, specific coursework must be competed and credits earned in order to graduate with a diploma.

The CA Transition Alliance notes it is essential that this conservation be started no later than the end of 8th grade: (PDF)

For an understanding of the difference between a Diploma and a Certificate of Completion:

Having discussions about transition to adulthood with the IEP team will help reveal which path to take.


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