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Matrix Supports Families of Children With Special Needs

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A Message to Our Matrix Community

You are Not Alone. We Are Here With You.


At Matrix Parent Network and Resource Center we stand with the African American community in solidarity against racism, injustice, persecution, and discrimination of any kind. We stand in support of the communities who are in need of healing during this time and moving forward. We stand for change and the hope that this country will put a stop to the injustice and inequity. We stand ready to support any and all who are struggling during this time in any way that we can.
We do not claim to be experts on what the African American community is experiencing right now in the wake of recent tragic events. We do, however, understand this pain and hurt is deepened by the pattern of systemic racism and injustice that unfortunately remains prevalent in our society. We understand that the anger, frustration, and hopelessness that people are feeling comes from generations of oppression and repeated generational trauma that occur within communities of color. We understand that this is a cause that requires as many voices as possible to speak up and out in support of change.
As an agency who works with under-represented communities, we remain committed to life-long learning, growth, and development in order to best serve the African American community, and all those in need. You are not alone. We are here with you. Please be kind to yourself and to one another as we work towards change and healing.

Steve Diamond, Executive Director

What We Can Do For You:

  • Parent Advisors to provide you with the tools, information, and skills you need to become your child’s best advocate.
  • Training, Activities, and other events listed in our Calendar and Schedule.
  • Parent to Parent opportunities to connect you with a trained “Support Parent” who has a child with a similar diagnosis and is skilled at providing emotional support.

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