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Who We Are

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Matrix Parent Network and Resource Center is a parent-founded, parent-operated nonprofit organization founded in 1983

Read about Matrix Parent Network and Resource Center history and beginnings

Lea sobre la historia y los inicios de Matrix Parent Network y Resource Center

We are parent-operated by intention and design. More than 50% of our Board of Directors are parents of children with diverse abilities and needs. Additionally, most of the staff at Matrix have children with special needs; they have a deep understanding of what families are experiencing. All of our services are free, supported through grants, contracts, donations, and fundraising activities.

Matrix provides both direct services to families and technical support services to other federally-funded parent centers.

Matrix Parent Network Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

Empowering families of children with special needs to successfully understand and access the systems that serve them.

Our Vision

Families full of hope and confidence as their children with special needs flourish and grow toward fulfilling adulthoods.

Our Values

  1. Respect. We believe that every person, regardless of ability or circumstance, shall have their values, opinions and situation treated with respect. This involves maintaining confidentiality and valuing the uniqueness of each individual. Resolving conflicts at the level at which they occur instills respect among the individuals involved.
  2. Collaboration/Network. We believe that no one individual can move forward alone and challenges are best met by working together to find solutions.
  3. Hope. We believe this is the foundation for optimism.
  4. Courage. All who work with or care for children with special needs have a voice that should be heard on behalf of those children. Speaking out and advocating for one’s child and on behalf of children collectively requires courage to find one’s voice in a manner that reaches hearts and minds.
  5. Compassion. Each individual does the best they can. Compassion for where the individual is engenders self-worth, the basis for future growth and change.
  6. Life-long learners. Each individual, no matter what age, is engaged in learning, growing and developing as they journey through all stages of life. Resources, information, initiatives, and policies change so quickly and can be vast and complex. Staying current and making information clear and accessible is critical.