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Our online digital library of original Matrix periodical publications include Networker, Express, and Early Edition (All publications are in English and Spanish.) If you are interested in subscribing, use the button below.


2024 Matrix Express (English and Spanish)

2023 Matrix Express (English and Spanish)

2022 Matrix Express (English and Spanish)

2021 Matrix Express (English and Spanish)

COVID-19 Resources / Recursos: Online eNews from Matrix with Curated Links

2020 Matrix Express (English and Spanish)

2019 Express (English and Spanish)

2018 Express (English and Spanish)

2017 Express (English and Spanish)

2016 Express (English and Spanish)


2019 Networker

2018 Networker

2017 Networker

2016 Networker

Early Edition

2021 Early Edition (English and Spanish)

2020 Early Edition (English and Spanish)

2019 Early Edition (English and Spanish)

2018 Early Edition (English and Spanish)

2017 Early Edition (English and Spanish)

2016 Early Edition (English and Spanish)