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Connect with a Parent Advisor

In-Depth Consultation

Our In-Depth Consultations begin with a call to our Helpline: 800-578-2592, or an email to

If the issue a parent is facing is more complex than can be handled on the Helpline (800-578-2592), a Parent Advisor may assist by providing direct mentoring.

Our mission is to empower the family by providing helpful information. Our goal is helping the family determine their next steps to advocate effectively for their child. Parent advisors:

  • Review assessments and documents related to Early Start, Special Education, Regional Center
  • Help parents problem-solve, set priorities and review pros and cons of options
  • Coach parents and provide strategies to prepare for IEP, IFSP or other special needs meetings
  • Model collaborative communication
  • Support parents in building skills to cope with stressful situations

Our Parent Advisors are not advocates…..Our Parent Advisors mentor parents to be the advocate, supporting parents as their children grow, learn and transition into adulthood.