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Special Education Guidance for COVID-19

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COVID-19 School Closures and Services to Students with Disabilities

During COVID-19 school closures and distance learning, are you wondering about how special education services may be delivered to your child? How special education timelines may be followed?

Please visit the CA Department of Education’s website for the latest FAQ on Special Education Guidance for COVID-19, posted 3/20/20,, for answers to questions like:

If an LEA offers distance learning for instructional delivery in lieu of regular classroom instruction during a school site closure for students, what is the obligation to implement the IEP for students with disabilities? 

If distance learning is provided in some capacity but does not mirror the offer of FAPE in the IEP, will compensatory services be required once an LEA resumes the regular school session?

Where can I find more guidance and resources related to serving students with disabilities, distance learning, and online accessibility?