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New! Alternative Services and Funding for Developmental Services

Click here to read entire post, including the text of the findings and the proposed regulations:

On August 14 the California Department of Developmental Services (DDS) released proposed emergency regulations that would allow for “alternative services” to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families who are unable to access site-based services due to Covid-19. 

Additionally, the proposed regulations outlined how regional centers would fund these new services along with processes service providers would need to follow.

According to the DDS, “…the proposed regulations authorize alternative service delivery for nonresidential services and specify requirements for service provider reimbursement. The proposed emergency regulations allow service providers to be creative and resourceful in providing services to consumers, with an emphasis on safety and minimizing the impact of COVID-19 to the consumer.”.

The emergency regulations would take effect September 1 and would replace the current “state of emergency” funding for service providers (state of emergency funding has reimbursed providers for all absences due to Covid-19).