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Parent to Parent

Parents who are raising youngsters with disabilities or special healthcare needs often times feel overwhelmed and alone. When many parents reflect back on their own journey, they say speaking with another parent who has been there was the most helpful support they received.

Would you like to connect with another parent who knows what you are going through on this journey? Let us know and we will do our best to match you to a trained Support Parent.

Our Support Parent Volunteers can understand and support you because they’ve had many of the same feelings and experiences you are feeling right now. They are someone who you do not have to explain the struggles you and your family are going through. They “get it”.

Our Parent to Parent Program offers

  • One to one connections between families
  • Emotional support to families
  • Assistance with information and resources
  • A caring ear to listen to your family’s needs
  • Compassion, sympathy, and empathy

If you are interested in having a trained Support Parent, contact our Helpline at 800.578.2592

Become a Support Parent

The Value of a Support Parent

One the best sources of support is another parent who has come to accept and understand his or her child’s disability…

A Support Parent

  • Helps families feel less alone
  • Can provide hope for the future
  • Provides coping strategies
  • Can help another parent understand his/her feelings
  • Can help provide basic information
  • Can share the joy and pride of parenthood

A Support Parent

  • Talks positively
  • Shares feelings and experiences
  • Is open-minded and doesn’t judge

If you would like to train to be a Support Parent, contact our Helpline at 800.578.2592.