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Our SEVENTH Matrix Mighty Milers race is coming up in August!

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Yes! Mighty Milers will participate in the Santa Rosa 5K Marathon again this year.

CALLING ALL VOLUNTEERS! Follow us on FaceBook and Instagram and check our website Events page (Leer en Español) for updates. Learn more about our 7th Mighty Milers race coming up on Saturday August 26 at 9:00 am.

Matrix Parent Network and Resource Center has been selected as the nonprofit beneficiary of the Santa Rosa Marathon. A percentage of proceeds will go towards funding our Matrix programs. Ventures Endurance is sponsoring Matrix for the 7th year.

Kids with special needs deserve to experience the same opportunities that other children experience. Matrix Mighty Milers is an inclusive 5K training team for children of all ages and all different abilities. Here is what this program has meant to one family:

“Mighty Milers has given Ella a place to push herself to new limits and at the same time feel good about where she is today. She can put in full effort and reach new goals, or she can have a hard day where it is all too much. Either way, she feels accepted and understood. High expectations for her extra challenges is what I hope for Ella. Mighty Milers offers both. It has given our family a place to feel community and experience being a part of a team. This program has moved Ella from sitting with a screen, to being out on trails. Today she told me she loves being active.”
Sarah Ponsford, Parent

Matrix Mighty Milers supports children with special needs, their families, and their peers. It is an inclusive running program for children of all ages and abilities. Mighty Milers is an opportunity for children with special needs to participate on a team with their typically developing peers.