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Also see Advocate for Your Child

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Being a parent of a child with special needs brings many new experiences. Over time, we continue to improve our parenting skills. One important skill to learn is advocating for our children. This may include advocating within various systems that serve our children: health care, education, or Regional Centers. This may also involve advocating for your child to be included in recreational activities, the community, or family events. Building your advocacy skills will serve you well in many settings. Skills take time to develop. Certain skills come easier to some of us than others. All of us have said or done things that we wish we hadn’t. In hindsight, we may realize that these actions have not helped us help our child. Be patient with yourself, and keep trying. It has been said that we do the best we can with what we know, and when we know more, we do better. This packet provides information on seven skills that you can learn to use to increase your ability to advocate for your child. Matrix Parent Advisors are also available to coach you and offer advice on your journey. You know your child best and are the one who is the constant from year to year. As a parent, your advocacy efforts reflect the values, hopes and dreams you have for your child.. You are your child’s best advocate. Matrix can be your advisor in that process.

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