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Birth to 3 Years – Video

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The following are a list of video links you might find helpful.

Baby Steps: Learn the Signs, Act Early

(Source: CDC) Early recognition of developmental disabilities such as autism is key for parents and providers.

Child Outcomes: Step by Step

Shows three childhood outcomes adopted by the Office of Special Education Programs and reported on by all state early intervention (Part C) and preschool Special Education programs (Part B/619) as part of their Annual Performance Report. Wonderfully cute and helpful, this video is used used to orient families on the functioning necessary for children to be an active and successful participant at home, in the community, at a child care program or in preschool. (Source: Early Childhood Outcomes Center)

TalkTools New Parents Video

Early intervention feeding techniques can help your baby’s speech development. Beneficial for all babies with hypotonia (low muscle tone), not just for those with Down Syndrome.

TalkTools — What is OPT?

Oral Placement Therapy is a speech therapy which utilizes a combination of: (1) auditory stimulation, (2) visual stimulation and (3) tactile stimulation to the mouth to improve speech clarity.