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Defensa Efectiva: Trabajar con el Equipo de IEP de su Hijo cuando la Escuela Reabre

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Los materiales de entrenamiento (PDF)
Defendiendo a su Hijo con Necesidades Especiales (PDF)

Como padres de niños con necesidades especiales, a menudo necesitamos abogar para ayudar a nuestros niños a recibir su educación adecuada y los servicios relacionados. ¡Ahora que nunca esto puede se más cierto! Únase a nosotros para actualizar sus habilidades efectivas de defensa de padres a medida que las escuelas vuelvan a abrir este otoño. Es posible que su hijo regrese tiempo completo a la escuela o todavía aprendizaje a distancia en casa, o una combinación de ambos. Cualquiera sea el aspecto del programa, probablemente tenga preguntas. Exploremos cómo trabajar eficazmente con el equipo de IEP de su hijo a medida que se reabre la escuela.

Effective Advocacy: Working with Your Child’s IEP Team as School Reopens

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Advocating for Your Child with Special Needs Packet (PDF)
Effective Advocacy: Working with Your Child’s IEP Team (PDF)

As parents of children with special needs, we often need to advocate to help our children receive their appropriate education and related services. This may be more true now than ever before! Please join us to refresh your effective parent advocacy skills as schools reopen this fall. Your child may be going back to school full time, or still distance learning at home – or a combination of both. Whatever the program looks like, you probably have questions. Let’s explore how to work effectively with your child’s IEP team as school reopens.

Cultivating Independence for Young Adults

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Michael Pinkerton will discuss the role of the parent(s) in cultivating independence for young adults with disabilities before they move out of the family home. Geared specifically towards parents of children with developmental disabilities, all parents may find this training helpful as Michael provides tips on developing and implementing plans, and describes some of the struggles that families face in taking on this task. This is a practical and informative training for parents who are considering their young adult’s emerging independence.

The 3 Selfs: Self-Advocacy, Self-Determination and Self-Compassion

Self Advocacy and Empowerment, presented by Dr. Maggie Benedict-Montgomery and Dr. Colleen Arnold of PEP (Professionals Empowering Parents)

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Knowing when and how to advocate for yourself is a powerful tool for everyone – even more so for people with special needs. In this video Dr. Maggie Benedict-Montgomery and Dr. Colleen Arnold discuss how you can help your students find their voices as they move toward success in school and in life.

Understanding Transition to Preschool

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Transitioning from Early Start and the Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) to special education preschool and your child’s first Individualized Education Program (IEP) can be overwhelming and exciting at the same time. Watch this video to learn more about the Transition to Preschool timeline, what to look for in a preschool, and the differences between an IFSP and an IEP.

Preparing for the Future: Understanding Supported Living Options

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Michael Pinkerton, Independent Living Services Director at Integrated Community Services, will discuss Supported Living Programs as he presents “Ways to Increase Independence: Supported Living”. Come learn about Supported Living Programs:

  • how they work
  • how to evaluate them
  • what are their potential up and down sides